Thursday, April 24, 2014

Along the Rhône

A resident of the southern edge of the Rhône.  
Follow the Rhône river south.
It is the perfect place for people watching.  The newest fashions and activities appear here as well as crowds of young people and families.  Busy walkways support thousands of feet, bikes and strollers.
Peek into the low and wide, river cruise boats anchored to round irons along your path

Eavesdrop on the elderly German tourists who cluster together from imaginary dangers.
Dogs are happy to be off their leashes and babies laugh at their antics.
When the dogs take their curiosity too close to the river, a swan hisses a warning in the dog's direction.
A real angry bird.
Keep walking south.
The promenade narrows a bit and then a bit more.
Here people picnic with cool glasses of wine and small delicious things.  They smile and bring their hats down a little farther to hide their eyes from the sun.  But they roll their sleeves up above their shoulders.  Warming and darkening their skin in the soon to be summer sun.

Keep walking.

There is less pathway now and more nature.
A noticeable change in sound happens.  More communication between the water fowl and the lapping of the river is heard.  The river tosses small shells against the pebbles thousands of times a day.  Making music with the tide.
Do you see the shells?

Look closer.
How about now?

Spot the handiwork of a beaver.  Can you see his teeth marks?
Did you catch a glimpse of the beautiful black swan?  His feathers curl up towards his tail.

The air is clean and perfumed with lilacs and wisteria in bloom.
And you feel like you could float away with serenity.

Do you like going for walks?
Where are some of your favorite places and why?
I would love to hear from you.